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【應數系演講-108-11-29】Multiple Zeta Values in Positive Characteristic


專    題    演    講

主講人: 官彥良 博士

  間: 108 11 29 (星期五)  15:10-16:40

  點:理工一館 A318

  題:Multiple Zeta Values in Positive Characteristic




Multiple zeta values for  were initially studied by Thakur, who defined them as analogues of classical multiple zeta values of Euler. In this talk, I would like to talk about certain relations among multiple zeta values. In particular, we give certain depth 2 families of zeta-like multiple zeta values, namely those whose ratio to the zeta value of the same weight is rational. Moreover, I will give necessary conditions of certain linear relations among depth 3 multiple zeta values.








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時間 : 15:10 - 16:40
講師 : 官彥良 博士
地點 : 理工一館 A318 會議室
性質 : 演講